Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!!


I got my white Christmas … well sort of anyway. In the lead up to christmas we got quite a snow fall and me and the kids i look after decided to try and build an igloo. We didn’t quite make it although as i write tDSC_0015-003his is has just snowed again and more is expected to fall tonight! We managed to get the first layer done all the way round our probably over ambitious size igloo a couple of weeks ago now and can’t wait to get back out there tomorrow to see if we can build it up 😀

Christmas was great minus the homesickness that seems to come in full force this time of year. I actually think it was worse this year as i am now in a country where the seasons are the right way round and the weather isn’t nice enough to walk around on the beacIMG_0062h in shorts. Christmas lights also seem to work better in countries where the sun goes down at 4pm so it just felt more like home in every sense. I skyped family as usual on christmas eve and throughout christmas day and boxing day saying hello to everyone and watching them open presents i had sent home. It was pretty awesome and also making me think next year should be the one where i spend christmas at home (at least for a little while to see what happens).

New Years didn’t end up being anything really special but it was just way too cold to go and spend it in the city. Instead i had Laura round for some of our favourite noodles and a couple of movies. We also managed to catch the New York ball drop which was pretty cool although slightly smaller than i thought. The next day was spent chilling out and going sledging down a hill at the local park. Two days left till my Dad and Charlotte come to visit .. i just hope the snow stays away and lets us catch our flight out to Florida on Sunday


About Sophie Harris

I'm a 20 something travel enthusiast who is always up for new places and new experiences and always looking for the next adventure!!
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